Welcome to Kenya Papaya Products Ltd. - Home of quality.

  • Our Mission

    Is to come up with income generating projects in order to up – lift and empower the Vihiga County community.

  • Our Goal

    To improve the socio-economic standards of Vihiga County residents by increasing production and productivity.

  • Our Objective

    Our key objective is to improve the living conditions of farmers by increasing production and productivity.

Our Products and Projects

The purpose of the company is to demonstrate the management and use of farm organic wastes and to increase income generating possibilities of small holder farmers in Vihiga County whose farm sizes are too small for any other meaningful agricultural production.


Pawpaw production is another activity which has been embraced by Vihiga County community for its high returns and health benefits. Possible target markets are Supermarkets, regional- East Africa, COMESA and IGAD while the international markets include Middle East, Europe, Far East and US.


Main consumers of the product are brewing companies, detergent manufacturers, meat processors, pharmaceutical firms, laundries, photographic laboratories, bakers and hotel industries.


Main consumers of the product are meat processors. Currently we have distributed to farmers up to 15,000 seedlings which we are going to collect latex from farmers by September this year and start processing while the fruits will be ready for processing in November.


Main consumers of the Papaya Seed Oil are cosmetic manufacturers. Main consumers of the papaya product are cake for the animal feeds manufacturers and for pharmaceutical firms.

Our Partners